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Times of Pakistan feels pride in delivering insight on popular events worldwide. We have been reporting and analyzing narratives from different sides of the story, ever since our services started in 2002.

From the time of its inception, Times of Pakistan has been evolving with the changing times. It does not aim at a certain readership but believes in empowering the masses through the widespread of information. Times of Pakistan considers it an objective to never contaminate the narrative in such a way that it may favor or oppose a certain agenda. News from a wide assortment of categories includes national and international politics, business, sports, community, health, lifestyle, and entertainment. People from all walks of life and demographics are its audiences.

Stately, the Times of Pakistan broadcasts necessary and nominal plenitude of news relative to the audience interested in the national news of Pakistan stemming from geo-political sources and span-new international news that surface along the useful capacities of entertainment and information throughout the day. The agency aims to liberate and not infuriate the masses. Rather the agency believes in maintaining the coherence and respect of our diversified and honorable audience. Crude information is supplied through our trusted employees to people from all walks of life; both scholars and regular readers can benefit from our platform.

Our approach to news broadcasting is embedded in the latest possible modes. Our strategy involves clarity, precision and artistic ability to maximize interest in our content.

The work environment at Times of Pakistan is non-traditional as we manifest a mellow attitude in our constant work force by amplifying positive conduct.

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