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The US handles uninvited Indian criticism over arms deal with Pakistan worth $450 million

After the United States in earlier September decided to provide a $450…

Hassan Mustafa Hassan Mustafa

The first high-level Israel-Turkey meeting in years takes place between Lapid and Erdogan

Tuesday's meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Turkish President Recep…

Nawal Aziz Nawal Aziz

Israel’s request to run for office during the FIFA World Cup 2022 is rejected by Qatar

In a significant development, Qatar has denied Israel's request to be allowed…

Nawal Aziz Nawal Aziz

A legendary trilogy comes to an end, GGG vs Canelo fight results

The fight took place on 18 September, Sunday night at the T-mobile…

Hassan Mustafa Hassan Mustafa

Uber is investigating a ‘cyber-security issue’ as hacker gains access to their computer network

Uber Technologies, Inc. is a mobility service provider based in the United…

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Why is Britain repulsed by Muhammed Bin Salman’s visit?

The Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammed Bin Salman has been invited to London…

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First face-to-face meeting between Modi and Xi since border skirmishes

On Friday, the Asian rivals' relations will be restored with the first…

Nawal Aziz Nawal Aziz

Armed clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan have restarted, with over 50 Armenian soldiers killed

Following the worst combat between the neighbors since 2020, further battles between…

Nawal Aziz Nawal Aziz

Karzai supports female students who are protesting the closing of their schools

On Sunday, the former president of Afghanistan, urged the Taliban government to…

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