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Indonesia will not face sanctions from FIFA as a result of the stadium disaster

The firing of tear gas inside a partially sealed stadium triggered a…

Nawal Aziz Nawal Aziz

English golfer, Jodi Ewart keeps a four-shot advantage

Jodi Ewart has participated in 245 LPGA Tour events, but she has…

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Israel’s request to run for office during the FIFA World Cup 2022 is rejected by Qatar

In a significant development, Qatar has denied Israel's request to be allowed…

Nawal Aziz Nawal Aziz

A legendary trilogy comes to an end, GGG vs Canelo fight results

The fight took place on 18 September, Sunday night at the T-mobile…

Hassan Mustafa Hassan Mustafa

Premier League games this weekend have been rescheduled as a result of The Queen’s death

At Balmoral, the Queen passed away quietly. Premier League teams decided to…

Nawal Aziz Nawal Aziz

A Scandal in Chess: Five-time World Champion, Magnus Carlsen withdraws from the Sinquefield Cup after losing to Hans Niemann

Suspicions arose yesterday when the American chess Grand Master, Hans Niemann played…

Hassan Mustafa Hassan Mustafa

19 Year Old Alireza Firouzja Wins the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz Tournament

The tournament came to an end with Alireza Firouzja neatly winning in…

Hassan Mustafa Hassan Mustafa

Triple G vs Canelo 3: Super Middleweight Title Fight

The most anticipated fight of the year will be held on September…

Hassan Mustafa Hassan Mustafa

Chess Alert…$175,000 on the line-Who wins the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz Tournament?

The tournament kicked off on August 24 and will continue for another…

Hassan Mustafa Hassan Mustafa